What is the BEST technology for treating pigment?

Updated: Jan 26

Dr. Ryan Moore

Board-eligible Plastic Surgeon

My top 2 technologies that we use at CBRx for managing pigment are:
1) Mixto’s Fractionated CO2 and
 2) PicoSure by Cyanosure.

 CO2 treatments can be scary and an understanding of the technology is so important in effectively treating pigment. I will generally use this technology on the lighter skin types and love it because it also improves texture and tightens (a winning combo and high-yield technology in the right patient). Unlike many CO2 treatments, at CBRx we believe in not over using settings or technology as it poses unnecessary risks, creates more downtime, and in the long-term can create a “over-processed skin” look that we do not like. The Mixto CO2 is unique in that it delivers a fractionated (broken up) light energy (laser) in a short burst so as not to over heat the skin and allows results without as much downtime.

Proper prep for this treatment is important as light energy can be absorbed incorrectly, penetrate too deep, or bounce off the skin if for example, you have had recent sun exposure making results unpredictable. In addition, the right skin type is important as this does generate some form of heat and Heather will often put patients on a pre-treatment pigment suppression protocol in advance.

My current number 1 treatment for pigment however is the Lamborghini of pigment technology weighing-in at 300 lbs, with a device cost of 200K, and only has a single energy wave length (and that’s all you need). The PicoSure laser is an unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology that delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second to gently target and eliminate pigment without harming the surrounding skin. We invested in this technology because it is the best on the market specially for pigment in ethnic skin.
Unlike other lasers that rely on intense heat energy which can cause problems as discussed above, this gentler treatment reduces unwanted pigment with minimal to no discomfort or downtime.

Due to its elegant form of energy delivery, PicoSure is also unique in that it can be safely used to treat pigment in ALL skin types. It is an obsession in Asia for good reason & we are obsessed with it at CBRx! In addition, adding an extra filter to our laser improves texture and stimulates collagen so you really can accomplished the “filtered look.”

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