How to Achieve the Real Filtered Skin Look

Dr. Christie

Double board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Even skin tone is one of the primary functions of filters & is one of the highest yield treatments you can do to your skin to make you look younger. Internationally, even skin tone is an obsession and is not always the primary focus of beauty treatments here in the U.S. Hyperpigmentation is the number one culprit in blotchy appearing skin. There are a number of ways in which we can treat pigment using technology however, your skin type plays a huge role in what technology is best for you. Skin types range from 1-6 (1 is light skin and 6 is dark skin)

Understanding your skin type is an important part in your treatment approach. Why you ask? With technology we are creating heat which, in darker skin types, can actually create MORE pigment if the heat is not delivered with control, precision, and a gentle approach. This is why I always say it is not just the technology but rather the correct technician that yields the best results. The first step in treating pigment for all skin types is a proper skin analysis and understanding of the root cause of pigmentation (see Heather’s content below).

At CBRx our pigment protocol is to start all of our patients with a skin analysis with Heather. She takes a detailed history to help us understanding how to approach the pigment. For example, if acne is causing hyperpigmentation then treating the acne is the first step. However, if pregnancy is causing hyperpigmentation then you are limited in treatments and products that can be used and we take a staged approach to managing hormonal pigmentation. Proper documentation of pigment using our SkinScope machine reveals deeper damage that is not apparent on gross inspection. This is followed by priming your skin with treatments in the office to prepare you for a proper home regimen and/or technology.

We will talk more about our favorite spa machines in upcoming blogs. We then review your case as a team to create a treatment plan to respects your budget and skin type. One of our big philosophies at CBRx is that we are in it for the long-haul with your beauty journey. The skin has on average a 5 week life cycle and meaningful, long-lasting changes to your skin take time! Patience and commitment to the process along with all our toys and knowledge is what gives us consistent results!

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