What do I expect on arrival for my facial?

Facials are scheduled for 60 minutes or 90 minute durations. You want to prepare by arriving 10-15 minutes early to allow adequate time for pictures & skin analysis. Prior to arrival be sure to fill out your medical history including your current skin care routine at home on our online portal.


How should I prepare for my facial?

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • You may arrive with or without makeup (your esthetician will cleanse your face as part of the treatment).

  • Avoid active ingredients in your home regimen at least 1 week prior to your appointment. includes retinols, retinA, and acids unless otherwise instructed by your esthetician). This will allow more aggressive spa treatments without concern for irritations.

  • Stay out of the sun for at least 1 week prior! Sun damaged skin cannot be treated and require us to cancel your facial on arrival.

  • Know the names of the skin care products you are using at home. Bring a list if you need to so you can discuss it with your esthetician. Having these details will help the esthetician make recommendations products you may want to add or delete from your at-home.

  • Let your esthetician know any medications, medical conditions, and/or past skin conditions you may have had. Even over-the-counter medications can affect your skin, so it is good them to know what may be contributing to your concerns and the way your skin reacts to certain products.

  • Are you getting your skin ready for a big event? If you've never had a facial before and don't know how your skin will respond, our esthetician recommends scheduling an appointment about six weeks in advance with a follow-up appointment closer to your event date. This way you have time to address any negative skin reactions and get the maximum results your service. Don't have that much time? That's Our experienced staff can recommend a service that will help you put your best face forward.