Founder, Medical Director - Curated Beauty Rx

Dr. Christie is a double-board certified female plastic surgeon with a non-traditional path to medicine. She grew up all over the world with a large family and as a first-generation physician, never dreamed of becoming a doctor. At age 17, with $100 to her name, she moved to Los Angeles and through hard work and mentorship, found her way into medicine. Her osteopathic medical degree laid down the foundation of a holistic approach to plastic surgery -- treating inside-out. Her passion for helping others and cancer research initially lead her to pursue a career as a cancer surgeon. After becoming board-certified in general surgery her creativity & love of aesthetics ultimately guided her to pursue further training in plastic & reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Christie’s vision is to collectively use 16 years of education to change the beauty world! She wants to start by make beauty procedures less overwhelming for consumers through education and curating beauty treatments. The Beauty MatrixTM is a treatment strategy developed by Dr. Christie to help guide patients when considering medical aesthetic procedures. She believes correctly addressing all components of aging with a long-term strategy yields the best natural results.


Dr. Christie understands the expertise needed to master the skills within the beauty industry. She wanted to help bring this knowledge to her patients through her Curated Beauty Referral Network where other experts (i.e fellow plastic surgeons, dermatologists, regenerative medicine, chiropractors, hair stylists, make-up, microblading, eyelashes, & brow artists, etc) can collaborate to deliver their best expertise within their field.


Dr. Christie is recognized by colleagues and industry professionals as rising star within the field of plastic surgery. She shares a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, & technology but isn’t afraid to call out the hype. She collaborates with the top aesthetic companies in R&D, education, and training. Despite her many accomplishments, those who know Dr. Christie can speak of her humility, kindness, excellent bedside manner, and dedication to her patients.  To learn more about Dr. Christie, visit


Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Moore was born & raised in California and completed his training in plastic surgery at University of California Irvine. Dr. Moore is a board-eligible plastic surgeon. Ryan is known for his inquisitive scientific personality and extensive knowledge-base. He takes a personal interest in health and wellness and incorporates this in to his practice.



Master Aesthetician

Heather has over 15 years of experience as a medical aesthetician. She has been behind the success of many of the top medical spas in Los Angeles and has trained under the most sought after dermatologist and plastic surgeons in the field giving her a unique understanding of medical-grade skincare.

Heather is a perfectionist and is known for her focused treatments & detailed treatment plans based on results! Her large patient following is a testament to her personalized care and patient satisfaction. Heather is passionate about creating a unique patient experience & brings her detailed touches throughout your spa experience.